Friday, December 14, 2007

I Will Miss...

Your gorgeous eyes so brown
Your comfort when I'm feeling down
Your touch that turns me on
That caresses long after you're gone
Your kiss that tastes so sweet
The drum of your heart beat
Your body's perfect contours
Your shoulders and their curvature
Your laugh that bursts from inside
The thought of being your future bride
The stolen kisses in the guitar room
The more-than-just-kisses in your bedroom
Your jokes that tickle my bones
Your voice whispering in gentle tones
Your hands as soft as butter
The words of love you utter
Your cute, mixed up accent
The fifteen minute breaks we spent
How you always lend a listening ear
As my words pour out, so do my fears
The random songs you sing
The infinite joy you bring
How you love the things I write
How your hug makes things alright
The ink marks on your fingers
The scent of you that lingers
Your body so perfectly made
Your faith in God that never fades
Your compliments I always refuse
The things you own in orange hues

The list goes on and shall never end
For try as I might I can't pretend
My insides clench, my knees grow weak
My throat is dry, I cannot speak
I want to cry, "baby please stay"
But I know you have to go away
So every night in my mind's abyss
I find something new that I will miss

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Today I thought you wouldn't show
But you came an hour late
I thought I would only get to say hello
But we began to communicate
I thought I could keep my hands controlled
But they reached for yours eagerly
I thought i couldn't get close today
But you came closer to me
I thought you wouldn't see me dance
But you caught me moving my hips
I thought I could stop wanting you
But inches apart were our lips
Today my hands and feet were hurting
But your touch went over the bruise
I felt so tried I could have dropped
But your voice through the room diffused
Today, I thought would be so terrible
But your fingers ran down my arm
I thought today would be like any other
But your presence itself is a charm

Friday, November 02, 2007

Awake I Lie In Solitude

Some days I hate myself
Catalogued feelings on the shelf
Come toppling down in torrents
When awake I lie in solitude

Thinking of the minutes wasted
Beauty so oft never tasted
I shudder in resentment
When awake I lie in solitude

An overhead plain of white ceiling plaster
Into which sinks the day's disaster
A multitude of careless mistakes
When awake i lie in solitude

Gradually dim the negativities
Like the city lights, I find clarity
Sleep she crawls like a snake
And my lids close in solitude

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Time, the sly one
The black panther crouching
Inconspicuous in life's foliage
Seeming to be in tireless run

We, the antelope, earth brown
Unsuspecting of his presence
Of his incomprehensible power
His senses tack us down

Slinking between the shadows
Of doubt, carnivorously
Waiting to corner the pestilent
That they are, the weak never know

It occurs to us time would speed
But like a whisper he slithers
His yellow cat eyes aflash
The signs we fail to read

Then he leaps, a racing blur
Streak of black the panther becomes
Hooves clop frantically for escape
Run, but he shall not deter

Time, you must never underestimate
And our limbs flimsy as reeds
Succumb to his ever hunting claws
A reminder 'fore he seals our fate

Saturday, October 13, 2007


And rings the bell again
Like trained animals
We crowd into the class
Reluctantly the seconds pass
After the teacher-student chasmal
Out come notebooks and pens

Echoing voices lull me to sleep
With open eyes and I wonder
The stories the blackboard could hold
Too insignificant to be told
Swipe the white asunder
Erased lessons in a chalky heap

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Poem That Isnt Poetic

I was trying to write you a poem
But how can i confine to meter, rhyme
These feelings that flow so furiously
They coagulate, I choke
And not one thing comes out

Because every time you are near
I still get the shivers
I still want to get closer
And the times we're apart
I ache to see you again
I dream of your liquid eyes

If i could write you a song, I would
But I'm no musician
I can't find the words
If i could stay in your arms longer, I would
But time slips away
Things get in the way

And like clay without moisture
Or brooks without laughter
Like morning grass without dew
I would be incomplete without you

You make me laugh
In that wonderful way you do
It feels so light, so good
To know i can always laugh with you

And your every touch, every whisper, every kiss
Every move has me transfixed
Has me begging for more
Like the way you say so softly, "i love you"
Like the words would shatter if they
Weren't uttered so
As if you mean it in the most gentle way
I know you mean it

Even if tomorrow we part
To have loved you
So understanding, funny, weird,
So forgetful, sensitive, open, kind,
So full of unconditional love
And to know you have loved me
That i am worthy of this
It is enough happiness
To last me a lifetime

The way you have moved me
How you showed what it felt like
To be truly loved
How you held me so close to you
I could feel your heart beat
I knew at that moment
How perfectly we fit together

I could never hope to find
A person like you
And we are so lucky
To have found each other

I love you...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If No One Were Looking

If no one were looking
We can stop pretending
Our actions real and true
Feelings in plain hue
No more meek hiding
If no one were looking

If no one were listening
Secrets no longer silent
Out loud would speak minds
No thought straying behind
Every signal openly sent
If no one were listening

If no one were judging
Our choices solely our own
No expectations to meet
No victory or low defeat
Or disapproving undertones
If no one were judging

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eyes of Silence

Sounds buzz like flitting bees
The loundness
Into the atmosphere sinks

Indifferently people talk, walk by
Insensitivity surrounding them

Your eyes in all their gentleness
Sparkling peace
Calm my chaotic insides

They of quiet assurance
Confusion's tangled nets

When mine burn furious red
Your eyes
Love-filled cool the heat

Smoothing my sharpest corners
Thank you
You make all the difference

Saturday, June 23, 2007

La Langue De L'Amour

Dans la langue de l’amour
Je t’
écris une poème
Parceque je t’adore
Et tu m’aime le

Les chansons qui tu chante
Les mots qui tu parle, doux
Tu m’enchante
Chaque jour, plus en plus

Je ne suis pas une femme de lettres
Mais mon amour, ecoute-moi
La place je veux
Est seul avec toi


In the language of love
I write you a poem
Because i adore you
And you love me the same

The songs that you sing
The words that you speak, sweet
You enchant me
Every day, more and more

I am not a woman of letters
But my love, listen to me
The place i want to be
Is only with you

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Square One

Back to square one
Through stormy seas
To well deserved peace
Another first kiss

Back to square one
Comfortable space
Your fingers trace
Me in familiar bliss

Back to square one
Knowing secrets
Promising to keep it
So easy now to trust

Back to square one
Forgetting past fears
Embracing now and here
Inhibitions turn to dust

Holding hands and pacing
Finishing where we had begun
Don’t know what we’re chasing
You and I, back to square one

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Why do you hope for love
Like a wing clipped dove
Under a sheet of frost
Hopes for some warmth lost ?
Love to me is a stranger
The liar, the ever-changer

In an opaque bubble
Blind to the inevitable
Existing in dark hollow
Reality too hard to swallow
Truth to me is a stranger
My fantasies it wants to injure

Alone is a beautiful place
To be me without a shadowed face
Solitude, so safe and secure
No company to smilingly endure
People to me are strangers
I have but myself to endanger

And now by a reality struck
I am the rotten apple to be plucked
That it is sparkling crystal clear
'Tis I, the real imposter here
This poet herself is the stranger
And there is nothing to do to change her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something Lost In the Rain

I remember your music
The day you stilled me
The day you filled me
With love pure and thick
To find you was to be alive

Our drunken promises
The ones we keep
The ones that sleep
In our reminisces
"Don't think, just dive"

And smooth sailing 'twas
Sun bright
Or moonlight
Submitting not to human laws
A lie we lived all these days

We betrayed so many, their trust
We were fools
Breaking rules
How gullible love makes us
Was it us, or Fate's cruel ways

All our crazy fantasies
Like free flying
Like never dying
Or lovers in white peace
The dreams fall to the floor

So we ran and ran so far
Away from here
Anywhere but here
Fuelled by our beating hearts
Only to meet a vaulted door

Stop! Screech to a halt
Is this the end?
Can we still pretend
Our misfortunes are not our fault?
If only, if only, if only..

Iron strength melts to butter
Don't say goodbye
Don't say don't cry
These wounds will never get better
Suddenly we are so lonely

Lying here, the words resonate
You're alone
You're alone
Stifled by the world I hate
And like blood the hope drains

A new day must dawn now
Get set
To forget
A fresh breath to allow
And cleanse ourselves in the rain

Friday, April 13, 2007


I wrote this one for one of my best freinds, on his birthday. We had been fighting alot and i wanted to be nice! I called it chocolate sauce and ice cream becuase we're always using analogies and this one i liked alot.

No, I will not start a fight
I will not say I was right
And before it’s too late
I want to ask you out on a date

Let’s sit down, me and you
Let’s yell and laugh and be blue
For no matter how odd we seem
We’re like chocolate sauce and ice cream

Through irking irritations
Or curses and damnations
Through trials and tribulations
Or hyperactive elations

Through fluctuating joy and rage
As if all the world’s our stage
Through crazy psychotic dreams
We’re like chocolate sauce and ice cream

Where would I find another Jes,
Who flips my life into a mess?
Only to smile like a little kid
And I forget everything he did

The one who understands my secret codes
Who cracks me up when I’m bored
Who gets me angry and steamed
We’re still chocolate sauce and ice cream

So before I forget, hear what I say
Like it or not, I’m here to stay
And darling I must confess
I’m not in love, but it’s love nonetheless

And know that I’ll always be a pain
A creature driving you insane
But we’re such a wonderful, evil team
Just like chocolate sauce and ice cream!

Monday, April 02, 2007


The deadly war wages
Tradition versus Youth
Obedience versus Rebellion
Rationality versus Instinct

The dividing line is hazed
Between right and wrong
Under trampling ideologies
Under sweeping clubs of change

Youth stirs new questions,
Tradition gives time-tested answers

Rebellion like a sudden earthquake
Obedience: silent and understanding

Instinct, the reaction of the heart
Rationality needs the decisions of the mind

The well-matched enemies
Angling sharp swords
Flinging sharper words
The battlefield echoes their roars

Each in haughty stance
Each with purpose and conviction
Clashing shields with parallel force
Upon the bloody grass

Since time breathed anew
Waging deep in our thoughts
Perpetually the war goes on
Boiling ceaselessly

The contenders wait not
Their weapons like tolling bells ring
Until sinks the sun in coolness
And sleep reigns over turmoil

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Jungle

A tropical dance
Like outstretched hands
Rhythmic swaying
The petals playing
With sight and sound
And smell abound
Orchids, jasmine,
Roses of heaven,
Dahlias and marigolds.

Nature lovers behold
A treasure chest
Of her very best
In all splendor the queen
Hot, wet and unseen
Stole away in blackness
With a sole witness
The night, starry eyed
As she ran to hide

Where exotic birds
Freshly heard
Wing in quiet
Like the onset of the night
And gentle stars
Light years afar
Captured by
Those enraptured by
Their shine and blink
In paint or ink

A poet’s bliss,
Like me, in this
Sweet paradise
Until demise
To savour the sights
And proudly recite
Inspired creations

Fired by a copper sun
Only just begun
Exploring awide
Possibilities inside
And out, all around
Absorbing all sounds
From crass cacophony
To smooth symphony
Rising and falling
Ever enthralling
From the chitter chatter
Of the brook’s laughter
As she bubbles along
To the eerie song
Of wildest breeze
And darkest trees
In flirtatious duet
Beneath bright sunset

Oh what boundless

Grace here rests
Silently keeping
To herself, sleeping
Like a tired serpent
Under the vast tent
Of dripping foliage
In camouflage

Enter not this fantasy!
Come near, and she
Will flee under our
Touch of greed and power
Her virgin foils
Will fast despoil
Only those so tender
Could befriend her

Oh gentle being
I, upon seeing
You in such glory
Will recall your story
To those who lend
And ear and send
To the world your plea
To let you be
And you shall flourish
As is my wish
And all can see
Your grand beauty


Safe from opinions

On your own, alone is bliss

Little can they do to you

Inside yourself you abode

Timeless, spaceless imagination

Untainted hopes and aspirations

Deepest anger and hate

Everything is treasured in solitude

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Request to a Friend

There’s so little I have to say to you
You’re just another photograph
Just another erased tattoo
On my bleeding skin
Today when you stare straight at me
And mockingly you laugh
You are no more just anybody
Questioning my decisions

I want to scream, make you realize
I’m not a thoughtless fool
For once, look into my eyes
Don’t turn my dreams away
A quiet mind with few words
I want to convince you
There are voices in me, unheard
I am brimming with things to say

We are much alike, you and I
Tiny mysteries that we hide
If only we saw eye to eye
There would be nothing to mend
Don’t look through me like I am worthless
Respect me for what is inside
As I see in you good company, no less
So find in me a new friend

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Dying Past

Let go now, in grief
Or joy, with a hearty toast
Proposed to the past
As a lost autumn leaf
Floats like a scarlet ghost,
A forgotten outcast

She flies so aimlessly
Swirling in, about, round and out
Inhaling every last
Scent restlessly
Before fades, their fragrant shouts
And dies, the past

She once was young
Evoking jealousy like the belle of counties
With radiant green
Now sapless flies among
Forgotten homeless memories
Weathered of her sheen

Gently does she descend
To melt into earth as brown as her
Shelving every last
Precious fragment
In the mind’s depths; only a blur
Good bye, oh past!


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry