Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It begins: her last day on earth
The morn she takes to heaven
A life withered to no worth
She contemplates yet again

Is this the end to her sorrow,
Can she leave the reeling world behind,
Is she sure of no brighter tomorrow,
Or has the hurt marred her blind?

This path she paved in recklessness
Striding on until the dead end
And anger for years repressed
In death to it will she tend

Her footprints mark the carpet
She knows she will die alone
The tear drops fall cold and wet
As fear chills her to the bone

Her thoughts swirl like fog and mist
She wonders if anyone would care
Will her quiet existence be missed,
Will just one lend her a prayer?

She faintly remembers what
Brought laughter from within
Her heart has long forgot
The whirlwind that joy brings

Her eyes search skies numerous times
For the presence of an Almighty Saviour
That heavenly ladder shall she climb
To question why He didn't save her

And him, the one she lived for
She wanted so much to stay
The boy whose touch she craved for
Seemed too strong to give away

But they have torn and tattered
He no longer shares her pain
Soft eyes reveal she is battered
She will be gone and he will be the same

Nor mother, nor father to fret
Nor the warmth of her kin
Consumed in loneliness like a blanket
Prepared to commit her final sin

Brick by brick, each one had crashed
Her silver spider web dreams
That cruel rain and wind had lashed
To leave a haunting requiem

She looks around the mess she made
Invisible sewage of a worn-out life
Reason and rationality have long strayed
One question: the noose or the knife?

Enchambered in her desolate thoughts
Her cowardice and fear drain
So years of living vainly fought
Now end in a whip of joyous pain

The blinds are closed as are her eyes
The blade of death at her throat
"Goodbye" her mind in relief sighs
In peace her soul will float

And a knock, just one, before it burst
There he stands before her in tears
The only one who quenched her thirst
The man who blew away her fears

Dear love, your time has passed
Too late for your apologies
She swipes across the vein at last
For her fragile life must softly flee

He is not weak, he holds her at once
She struggles to free his clasp
Gentle as a feather she becomes
As she crumbles in his warm grasp

Her blood like a scarlet river
She spills upon his saving arms
The past escapes in a shiver
His presence like a soothing balm

He swears to God he shall protect
This beautiful girl from pain
He prays to God this life so wrecked
He can build back up again

You can see her by the setting sun
The scars still etch her skin
And many more invisible ones
That pierced her from within

You can see her smile in wisdom
And grace the years have brought
Her smile, the fruit of her freedom
From a tiresome battle fought

Don't Stop Running

It has been a lifetime since
We spoke of our feelings deep
A dreary fight that silence wins
Dark distances deftly creep

Do you remember when I burst
With my endless narrations
You heard it all, through the best and worst
You laughed and listened with patience

Remember our first beautiful kiss
Lips dancing to love's tunes
Our skin so close, in bliss
Good things always end too soon

How fast it slipped away
Accommodating painful tears
Let's not trust the evil they
Speak to brew in us these frantic fears

The most precious of things
Are oft destroyed in jealous hands
Before it ends, let's start running
From they who ne'er understand

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Fool's Downfall

Glow the smiles like sunshine
Till horizon, so divine
Wind singing through your hair
Spices floating in the air

You search not, 'tis waiting
Beneath, clawed and hiding
The pain
Stalking each reckless move
Look clearer to see through
The veil

Naively believing
Blind to truth approaching
You fool!
Life paints a picture bleak
It's law crushes the weak
Like you

Open hazy eyes at last
As dreams sleep in the past
And die
Ilusions have faded
Lying alone defeated
You cry

Is there no-one who cares
This soul drenched in despair
How fast the bubble burst
The past lays a heavy curse
Of defeat

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


To want to give life,
But to kill
These hands tremble
Broken under
Destiny's heavy curse
Upon guilty
And innocent
Like the final slash
Of a fiery sword
It sweeps
You kneel
Defeated, dying
Shattered bones
Shattered heart
Strong eyes cry
The hand of betrayal
Tainted with your blood
Drawn like a flag
Raised in victory
Until you bow

Only sorry is seived
Through fate's
Inescapable fingers
Death the only refuge
Death the only answer
Sorry is never
Enough. Stop!!
Apologies are beyond
For events turned
To scar beyond recognition
This bond

So be it
Unchangeable past
Unbearable present
Unthinkable future
And so it shall be

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Rose

Sensual incantation of scent
Blood-red heavenly angel sent
Pricking the fox who dares
Approach thy thorny lair

Passionate tango of romance
Thy fragrance with senses dance
Inebriated as they float along
Sways each to thy crimson song

Petals of softness adorning thee
Robes of scarlet jealousy
Regally they shroud thy soul
Sweet perfume so gently unfolds

As thee, my life takes shape
These dusty words, my escape
Thorny eyes protect inside
Soft, red scent, in me I hide

As wild like scarlet fire
Thy radiance do I desire
Unbending under command
Of wind or rain or sun to stand

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Your eyes
Pools of hazel reflecting depths
Within my drowning secrets kept
Essence of truth beneath swims
Caressing my every whim

Your arms
Bearing the weight of my sorrow
Protecting love for tomorrow
Blanketing true comfort, warm
Holding out against the storm

Your lips
Trickling songs and kisses pure
Passionate, yet gently demure
Honey-sweet, they await me
Tender dreams frame reality

Your voice
Heady with music it fills
Moving my body but silently still
Erupting words from heaven alight
Weaving poetry into the night

Your smile
Melting fragile emotions
Veiling worldy commotion
Causing my heart to skip beats
Each magical time we meet

Your touch
Soft and gentle tease
Airy waves of autumn breeze
Skimming roses across my skin
Senses alive like never been

Reason enough to awake today
Through valleys dark, a golden ray
Answers to questions abound
In you, each one is found

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Closer, still closer to your skin,
Only inches separating
A crystal moment we're in
Alas, we can do nothing

Holding back; its not the time
Leaving but a trace of a clue
As my pulse higher it climbs
It's hard keeping my hands off you

A moment shared in connection
A prelude of things to come
My mind and body in tension
To all else my senses numb

Daring to speak with my fingers
Cryptic meaning, but to you is known
Like the scent of perfume, it lingers
Now aching more to be alone

Electric tingling within me
Your softness felt, just a while
No one senses the energy
The sole hint is your smile

Closer, still closer to your skin,
Only inches separating
A crystal moment we are in
Alas, we can do nothing

Friday, September 15, 2006


This was just some offhand poetry I wrote to him in one of our letters, but since this site is for all my poetry, I thought I'd post it. It's a little long, but I hope you like it. Tell me what u think.

hi, love
I'm pretty much at a loss for words.
my deepest feelings u have stirred
and things I thought could not be true
come real because I'm loved by you.
and if anyone should pay back,
it's me. There's nothing you lack.

This isn't exactly quality verse
And words couldn't show how immersed
I am in everything that's you;
These words will always be too few.
But anyway, I'm in a poetic mood
I think tonight I'll sleep nude
(That's just some extra info
To remind you of what you're in for)
Anyway back to my point
(Do I end joint? Anoint? Loins?)

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm speechless
Don't believe me? Ok, I confess
I'm only blank when it comes to you
You know how weird I am around you
With those wrists, who wouldn't?
I tried not to look, but couldn't.
So? Who cares if I'm crazy
The rest of the world is a hazy
Distorted place to me.
You're the one who loves me, for me

The way you make me laugh out loud
You've got me floating on a cloud
And how loving and sweet you get
Everything else, I tend to forget.
let the world lie in the gutter,
for all I care. They're all nutters
What matters is we're together
You know that's not about to change ever.

To me, there is only us
The others can get hit by a bus
(Sorry, couldn't get another rhyme
not a bad idea, in fact, I'm
rather excited by the thought
of a bus knocking off the entire lot)
As the hospitals get healing,
Let's talk of these fabulous feelings
Like how good that day, you smelled,
Like how holding your hand felt,
Like how I'm waiting for the day
You sing to me "happy birthday",
Like how your every letter
Has me feeling tons better,
And how I can't get enough
Of drowning in your love.

Each day you make more beautiful
Just thinking of you is wonderful
And I love dreaming all night
About us. Though some dreams might
Be a little weird but hey,
A girl doesn't meet a guy like you everyday
So I guess the dreams just add on
(Like that one, we're kissing on the lawn)
To the awesome, deep feelings you bring
I'm flying so high(that too without wings!)

Hey, I think I've got to go
But without you, life's such a bore
Anyway I guess I've blabbed for a while
I hope by now, I've made you smile
(If not, just do it now
Yup, u got it, that's how)
So bye, for now,I'll see you
You know forever I'll love you
And like we always say
Still waiting for that someday....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


If I laughed when I had the chance
If I did when you asked me to dance
If no-one were watching us
If time was not stalking us
If all that was wrong turned right
If we we could be alone tonight
If hearts were never broken
If there were no words left unspoken
If not a glistening tear shed
If tomorrow I don't wake from bed
If your eyes didn't betray the truth
If we could drink from a fountain of youth
If money moved not a man
If only they would understand
If a kiss could bring me to life
If blood never dripped from a knife
If the world stopped going round
If we could run away and never be found
If my every wish were granted true
I'd only wish to stay with you.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sharing Blood

To my favourite tune I sing along
Is he psychic?
He walks in humming the exact song
That's how I know
Me and my bro
Share blood
I fight with the little tyke
For the T.V. remote
Whoa! It's the same channel we like
Did you know
Me and my bro
Share blood.
All set for the jamming party
But to get embarrassed
I notice our identical jeans and tees
It goes to show
Me and my bro
Share blood
Dreaded day at the clinic
What are the results?
O+ve after the needle prick
Now everyone knows
Me and my bro
Share blood

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Give Us A Minute

Each day, the clocks run on
Our filtered conversations others watch upon
Needing escape from this world, moribund
To where our hearts beat as one sound

A minute to drown in your eyes, deep
From curiosity that stealthily creeps
A minute to lie in your open arms,
Safe from a world of scathing harm

To speak uncensored, animated
To curse all the people I've hated
To whisper locked secrets to you and
To melt into the warmth of your hands

Alive will they be, my love
Every moment at night we have dreamed of
Secluded in our far away place
Unhindered by neither time nor space

Soon, we will share time together
The seconds will tick like a falling feather
But each other, nothing will we see
Just a minute, alone, you and me.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I beathe every breath for you
I see nothing but you
I would wait forever for you
I can move mountains for you
I live to be with you
I would try anything for you
I can change my world for you
I would do anything to kiss you
I would run miles to see you
I love you

Friday, July 28, 2006


Grey skies rumble in: a storm
Brewing another distorted day
Tornadoes swirl, as does my brain
Lost in time, misplaced.

Sad music serenades on
Stung by its resounding melody
I lie awake, alone, awash by thoughts
Cold feelings and stinging melodies.

Pause, breathe, wait, think, they say
But a single shade is this morn
In the spectrum of life
As though they have never hurt.

Numbed by lonliness
Blinded by fear
Scathing anger simmering
And smiling tearless eyes

Not a drop do I cry
Bottled fury, sealed pain
Never-betraying, smiling tearless eyes
Veiling my insides of sorrow.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Abstract Mind

A heart, Artistic
A life, Mystic
These hands, creating
These eyes, ever searching

What things unseen, catch my eye
As a world of normality passes by:
Delicate white lace in the breaking tide
A lost feeling in memory revived,
The curve of a hip in sand dunes,
Silver fairy dust in craters of the moon,
The sweat of labour in melting ice,
Twinkling diamonds in the eyes of surprise,
The stench of murder in a matador's red
Twisted lies in golden truth said
The depth of the past in a bottle of ink,
Desperate clasping hands in chain links.

This mind, heady with Fantasy
This mind, severed from Reality
This mind, straying from Fact
This mind, Unreal, Abstract.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Let it Slide

When your world is a mess, insane
Don't scream out loud, refrain
Keep your chin high,
Wipe those red eyes dry
Away with these washable stains.

When hope crumbles in your hands
Weary and weak, you lose your stand
Another ditch in the road,
A minute of biting cold
But a thread in the intricate plan.

When its a blizzard of bad days
There's a light through the haze
It's a momentary gale
Soon, your ship will set sail
To the door at the end of the maze.

Just let things slide,
Take trouble in your stride
Why frown, why worry
You will get through the calamity
What counts is the ride

Just let things slide
Don't you feel deprived
These tremors are a phase
That time will soon erase
Just a shake to your pride
Let it slide.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bathroom Star

Towel cosy against my skin
Needing to unwind from within
To soak away all my woes
As rivulets over my body flows.

Cooling, calming, clarifying,
Falling, flowing, filling;
Healing with incessant slivers
My daily ritual in the shower:

A song sprouts from my lips
Feet moving to the rhythmic drips
The wet, white marble becomes
My audience as to my tune, I hum

The concert is on, I'm in the groove
People singing as I bust my moves
Without a care, I'm on a high
Shampoo suds like confetti fly
When my hips move in jiving motions
The fanatic crowd of my imagination
Cheers on as I lose my mind
Within the bathroom, behind closed blinds.
Jamming on a fake electric guitar
A pretentious girl for a rock star
Tonight there's no stopping this diva
As mercilessly, she sings in the shower!

Unknowing of my nakedness
Down the drain goes mounted stress
And just as my fans roar, "Encore!"
I slip on the soap, and fall to the floor!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Old Flame

Years ago, when our minds were young
A spark of "like" had begun
An ounce or two more than friends
But the feelings were quiet then.

Now, as we see, the tiny flame dying
And decide to stop trying
To keep the old secret in
We let it all out from within
But too late, alas!
Our chance, gone, our time has passed
And it seems like I'm still waiting
The truth of unchangeable past, I'm hating
That I could turn back time I wish
For my love ceases to diminish
Even though you don't feel the same
Even though you think I'm playing games;
Every day when my eyes meet yours
I see that red line I must never cross
But im straining to keep from you
This unsatisfied love, so true.
If only circumstances didnt hinder
Or embers of the fire didn't linger
Then we could move ahead, just fine
But is life ever that divine?
All these years I have longed
For you to right all my wrongs
Old freind, first love,
I still haven't got enough
Of wandering back to years ago
When we had a chance, but no
We tripped on our feet, look where we are
Worlds apart, our love so far.
And today, as I sit with you
Our differences become so few
Wishing you will sweep me away
And say the words I want you to say.

Though we may walk our separate ways
And end up in a separate place
Deep in my heart I'll always know
That this love, could only grow.

Just stop, and look at me
The way I do, set me free
Accept this love that my hearts sends
Take me now, old friend.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sweet Surrender

What's this thing I've never felt?
I find so hard to define
With these feelings I've never dealt
But you're near me and I'm fine.

You came along, to freeze me speechless
But amidst verses swims my mind:
Thank the stars above love has reached us
At last the missing pieces have aligned.

Like rain drenching a dusty day;
Like an oasis upon burning sands;
Like crystal ocean over dry rocks spray;
You washed over me, darling, unplanned.

Sing with smooth voice, blow me away
Flash a smile, I'm weak in my knees
Say u won't leave me astray
Stay for just a minute more, please.

From mystic magic, so astounding
Floats this melting symphony, unheard:
When you are the tune resounding
I blend as its heartfelt words.

Now, swept by this thing, never felt
With invisible wings we soar in wonder
Our every fear, like snowflakes, melt
For to you, I have surrendered.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Saddened, stripped, I suffocate
With the consequences of the past
But you call, your voice delicate
I knew that moment, your spell was cast.
'Tis fate.

The rain it pours, it frustrates
Unequipped, deserted by my friends
I curse the weather, it's got me late
Until you pulled up in your sliver Benz
'Tis fate.

A surprise on radio channel:8
As I dream us kissing under the stars:
The song we sang for our first duet
"So close, no matter how far"
'Tis fate

With every move, you fascinate
Your touch makes me levitate
Drenched with love, I dedicate
My life, our love, to Fate.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Every day was so happy
Every second a dream
Until reality wakes me up to life
Was false what I had seen.
Frowning is the former beauty
Pain is yet to come round
Deprived of shelter, alone
Walking to a new life, waiting to be found

When love takes you higher, you soar
To a life every man strives for
Climbing step by step, elevating
Yelling and telling anyone
Who was underestimating you
Soon you'll reach up there
Where your dreams materialize
Racing on, unstoppable
With a relentles fire in your eyes.
What lies before me is not a dream
Life is never fully what it seems
I’ve learnt to fight and I’m finally winning
Of these years the pain is slowly thinning
It’s a brand new beginning
My head heald high, the past at my feet
When time was in the rain, on the streets
Deprived of shelter, alone
Walking to a new life, waiting to be found

When love takes you higher, you soar
To a life every man strives for
Climbing step by step, elevating
You know no-one is underestimating you
No force could pull you to the ground
Your faith in yourself will keep you around
You're here, on the peak of the world
Your daring dreams before you unfurled.

The Beauty of the Sea

As each strong wave pounds on the rocks
I stand, spellbound by the Sea
As the spray and foam quench the docks
I am breathlessly gazing at the blue queen

She embodies the patient and calm
With liquid lips kissing the sliver sand
Submissive to the breeze of the night
That takes her towards the moonlit land

She simmers with indomitable power
Ruining men, with a mere crystal wave
Looming over great cities, she towers
When she is raged, nothing is safe
And her crystal touch, saline
Glistening under the noon sun
Rushing waters, a symphony, divine
She is the joyous one

Nought else can be her
She is unique
None on earth will own her
She is free
And I, I am awestruck
Kneeling before the Sea.

The Playground

Cautious, I stepped through the grey gates
My world so new, carefree
And I, clutching my mother’s hand
Had butterflies dancing in my tummy

Then a friendly smile, some curious faces
They wanted to meet the new girl
When, you’re younger you’re not so stuck up
So I ran, my hair flying, to the playground

The slide, like a mountain to me
We whooshed down in ecstasy.
The swings, creaking in rhythm
Taking us to the skies with them.
The sand pit of Imagination
Stories and creatures, our simple creations.
And the jungle gym, oh what joy it was
To hang upside down, like orangutans!

Looking back, I see my first friends, who took me in
Lost in the thrill of the slide and swings
And the laughter
How simple it was, with not a worry
And years after,
Our foreheads are only lines of worry

Just a day of cheer
And everything was okay
If only troubles would evaporate
At the playground.

The Trials of School

First period English class
Start reading Shakespeare
Thou art, thee, someone save me!

Prayer not to trip and fall
Sweaty, dirty sports
I kick football over wall.

Math: too many numerals
And calculations
Answer right; oops! Question wrong.

Trying hard to learn Fran├žais
Not understanding
Espanol written on board

Physics, Chemistry, Bio
An experiment
Specimen drowns in acid

Boring history of world
People dead and gone
Who cares about yesterday?

Paints, brushes, crayons, paper
After the art class
Best grade for my doodle: F

Bell rings, finally school’s over
Running home to chill
Newest disaster, “Do chores!”

A Day in the Life of Ann Tipsy

Call me Ann Tipsy
I’m a bit of a clumsy
Most of my life I spend
Trying hard to fix and mend
All the things I’ve tripped over;
Pick up banana peels I’ve slipped over.

I think it’s mostly because
I live life without a pause
Maybe I’m in too much of a hurry
That I leave everything around me in a flurry

I try to fill my pen
I spill the ink and then
Grape juice falls on my skirt
I have three missing buttons on my shirt
I trip over the garden hose
Can’t find my basketball clothes
Forget to brush my tangled hair
Lost my sneakers’ other pair
Raise my hand for all the wrong questions
Forgot my homework for all my lessons
Accidentally walk into the boys’ lockers
Take my stitching kit to soccer
Messed up the party at my own house
All because I invited circus clowns
Wore a yellow shirt on purple day
Didn’t notice my tulips decayed
Told my friends my cat was dead
In truth I had an iguana for a pet
Used face wash to clean my bike
My boyfriend told me to take a hike.

You must be thinking, “What a twit!”
I wish I was careful, just a little bit
But what can I do, this is just me
I’m the one and only Ann Tipsy
I just pray I don’t falter
And leave my groom at the altar.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Antarctica and Mr. Elf

Icy winds blew at my face,
All I saw was snow
Not a breathing creature in trace
I had no clue where to go.

Then, I stumbled upon a little man:
An elf from the North Pole.
He was sick and tired of getting
Bullied by “The Troll”.
Said he was on a break from
Taking orders from Mr. Claus
So he came down to Antarctica
To get back at his boss!

I stayed on for a week or two
Hoping I’d survive
In the cold, it’s not easy to live
So I prayed I’d stay alive.

The weirdest things happen there
Stranger than you think;
Imagine shoveling through the snow
In underwear of mink!

Candle wax is a necessity;
Here electricity’s unknown.
Walrus fat is fuel
And fire is lit on bones.

Penguin skin accessories
Are hot in the fashion world
The cool penguins are sweatin’ it out
Thanks to all those ‘trendy’ girls.

Now going to school is the biggest pain
Not because of studies,
If u get lost the polar bears
Will eat you and your buddies.

Well, I survived the freezing cold
Made the best of what I had
Yes, it sounds more than extreme
At least I didn’t go mad
So, I bid goodbye to Antarctica
The ice, walruses and Mr. Elf
To experience its true wonders
You’d have to go there for yourself
(Don’t forget to visit Mr. Elf!)

Big Fat Snail (inspired by Roald Dahl)

One day in a store right down the street,
(James had earned some money and was getting a treat)
He splurged on chocs, candy and the works
(Including M&Ms, Mars and Perk)
He strolled to a spot, sat down and hail,
His rump was impaled on a Big Fat Snail!
“By gum,” Jim said, “holy cow!”
“How did that get there, how?”
At first it looked like a poor little thing,
But on closer observation, it had the evilest grin.
Jim started sweating, he was utterly scared
Its eyes were bulging, its teeth were bared.
(Here comes the part where he was a real twit.
When I tell his friends, he'll be the class git!)
Jimmy threw it some of his sour candy pops
And soon realized that it like strawberry chocs.
(Duh, snails are allergic to sour candy pops;
They react much better to strawberry chocs)
The snail started bubbling and melted to the ground
The acid reached him and at his feet he found
That he had started to melt and bubble down
And both James and the snail oozed to the ground!

How Awful Is the Rain!

How awful is the rain!
When water gushes out from the overflowing drain
I wet my brand new clothes
And the muddy road is filled with paper boats.
The cars that seem to fly
Splash dirty water over people passing by.
For hours and hours it pours,
The endless rain,
And I have to stay home doing chores!
Waiting in my room I long to see
The sun come out, or a bird with a sweet melody
Instead, something buzzing in my room
With their pointy ends, hoards of mosquitoes zoom!
Diseases spread from one to the other
Most of us lying in bed
Dreading the medicines brought by our mothers…
The rain is so dreadful and bugging sometimes
But without these regular showers, would we survive?
And yet again, the rain has arrived!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ten Wacky Scientists

Ten wacky scientists tested some wine
One got drunk crazy
And then there were nine

Nine wacky scientists had a debate
One got tongue tied
And then there were eight

Eight wacky scientists dissected a raven
One chopped his finger off
And then there were seven

Seven wacky scientists invented special bricks
One broke his brainy head
And then there were six

Six wacky scientists explored a bee hive
One got horribly stung
And then there were five

Five wacky scientists scrutinized the floor
One slipped on a banana peel
And then there were four

Four wacky scientists were promoting planting trees
One got punched by a lumberjack
And then there were three

Three wacky scientists concocted dog food
One digested it
And then there were two

Two wacky scientists blasted off to the sun
One got roasted
And then there was one

One wacky scientist assembled a gun
He shot himself
And then there were none


Come back, come home.
Return to this broken heart
'Tis not your time yet.

I awed you, my Chachan
Like an old song, not God would replace
You float in my memories, hazily.

Just to lay these tear filled eyes
On you
Anything, would I stake
Just come back.

I see you in me,
I see your energy in everyone here.
I see your smile frozen in a picture
A time when we laughed together.

Cheating time, if we didn't part
If I were your little mol again;
We'd watch the fields, as the sun set.

Photographs can never do justice;
Swinging on your lungi
Sitting upon strong shoulders
Looking into those wise eyes;
Pictures are worthless.

Embrace me in those wrinkled arms
As your final goodbye
I miss you too much.

Chachan : father
Mol : daughter (pronounce "mole")
Lungi : Long coloured cloth used by indian men as clothing to wrap around the waist. (pronounce "loon-gee")

Love is...

A strong shoulder to lean on to
A mop to soak up every tear
A kiss on my cheek to wake up to
A buddy to share a beer

A song to make me swoon
A laugh to make my day
A cuddle in the living room
An affirmative that I'm not gay

A crutch when I'm feeling lame
A touch infusing warmth
A sense of beauty when its all the same
A dry towel in raging storms

A raised finger to a jerk
Chicken soup to cure my cold
A hug after a long day's work
A place where dreams unfold

Love is...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


No sound in the alleyway,
Her direction gone astray.
Concrete canvases display
Ghouls of black night among the grey.

Inhuman, bloodless spies
Through the corner of her eyes
Her courage with each step dies
The world is deaf to her cries.

Noislessly they follow
Creatures of the moon, hollow
Using only black to gallow
Her words, her screams, she swallows.

They reach out in despair!
Stifled by their glares
She evades each piercing stare
And offers a silent prayer.

Towards horizon bright
The sun, her secret weapon in the dark fight
She escapes from the beasts of the night
As they are doused by the burning light.


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry