Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This is a very personal poem, something I wrote when I was bursting with tears. I fear that the emotion I felt at the time cannot be aptly portrayed through my words, but I hope I can share a tiny sliver.

You say we are not family
But do you mean it?
Can you spend a day not worrying
If your children are safe?

The home we made
Seems like a prison to you
But it is my solace
The place where I find family
But you say we are not your family

Who am I to you, Mamma?
Am I simply some child?
Am I a burden in your arms?
Are you forced to love me
Because we are bound by blood?

I love you despite your words
I beg you, I kneel, I cry
For you to feel in your heart
My ever flowing love
But I am not your family

Then how can you feel the peace 
That i feel when I come home
To have three people I can readily
Give my life for
That I can always lean on
That are a part of my being
Yet, you know not this family

And without you
We are simply people
Waiting for the missing beat
That you took away

Each in our own way 
Love you unconditionally
Can you not love us? 

Sunday, September 07, 2008

There's Something About You

This isn't serious poetry; i was just having some fun :)

Something about you makes me smile
Just thinking of our times together
And when I start, I can't seem to stop
Proof of how much we love each other

Something about you melts my heart
I feel a longing to cuddle in your hug
I want to hold your face in my hands
Sit on a couch with you and a coffee mug

Something about you tickles my ribs
I roll around in a giggly fit
You cheered me up with all that humour
My dark days with laughter you lit

Something about you tears me up
Because our time is running out
Is it my fear that forever can never happen?
Yet in the depth of our love, I know no doubt

Something about you turns me on
Well, everything about you does
From your voice to your wrists to your yummy kiss
Just a bed, some chocolate and us!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Surrender...again

I began a chapter of my life with Sweet Surrender, and now I close it.

What's this thing I've never felt
I find so hard to define?
With these feelings I've never dealt
Come near me, I'll be fine

For so long life revolved
Now you, the center shifts
And all at once, life dissolves
The wings of love now lift

I walk myself down that wondrous road
Every footstep a precious memory
Every bloom a kiss, on the path we strode
Now simply a silent reverie

Those gentle words you whispered
Still float in the tunnels of my mind
And I, breathless enraptured
Know that you, darling, are one of a kind

Like midnight without a star
Like a rose without its hue
Like day break without a sunrise afar
Life loses its magic without you

Time passes like the blink of an eye
Where the years went, I sigh in wonder
But love, you taught me how to fly
I'm glad to you, I surrendered

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time of My LIfe

I keep writing about all we did
Held hands, spoke with our eyes
And I forget to write down
How you make me feel
Or rather, avoid the act
For my mind would search so deep
To find apt words
These mortal feelings cannot be described
By a million immortal words
So ephemeral
Drifting between the shadows
Of reality and magic
Feelings of unencompassible love
Of sudden bursts of fury
That die with a thought of you
Of stretched hours of loneliness
Surrounded by people
Yet in my own dark corner
Of searing fits of pain
The separation, the distance, the silence
Rings like an ominous bell

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Letting Go

Face to face, eye to eye
You're all I ever wanted
I turn away with a sigh
I'm forced to let you go

Hand in hand, it's still a lie
I want an impossible future
I smile, inside I cry
For everything I'm losing

Illusions everywhere around
Who knows right from wrong?
We speak without a sound
Everything and nothing makes sense

We are simply two freinds
We try to convince ourselves
But in this profound silence
Our Love betrays us

Shower Tears

When you leave, I climb into the shower
Sorrow, pain like skyscrapers tower
I sing to clear my rain clouded mind
In this cubicle I stand confined
And the tears rain invisible
My knees bend, unstable
I fall, all my pride disappears
And in its place fills cold fear
The water rinses my face
My tears don't leave a trace
But it cannot rinse my soul
Of all the hurt it holds

Thursday, January 31, 2008


MySpace Comments

A wife, one day she awoke
To see her husband sleeping
She kissed him good morning
Seeing not the terror creeping

The mother sat with her family
Her children babbling away
She smiled unnasuming
That hell would break loose today

She felt some fatigue, but let it pass
"It's nothing to worry about"
Till all day did her body ache
And she felt a twinge of doubt

She waited in the asylum-white room
The odour of medicine in the air
With a number for a name, she walked
Head on into the nightmare

In a daze like a wooden puppet
She let them probe and prick
The man in white, he shook his head
"Ma'am I think you're very sick"

She did not understand him
"How sick am I?" asked she
He scribbled in a pad and said
"I'll send you to Oncology"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Easy Trust

Why stranger do you listen
To my angst and sorrow
How does your act
Sponge away my pain

You find my fingers
Your heart beats
With my ever aching heart
You taste my tears

Stranger, I do not know
Where you head
Yet, I lay bare all
The shadows of my past

You speak not in reply
But the fever ebbs away
Like a line of mercury
In a thermometer

These moments you hear
My quivering voice, I try
To hide myself and my tears
But you set them free

Stay stranger, I shall unveil
Your mysteries
Let us ease our loneliness
Let me discover your shadows

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The moonlight's glitter on the ocean
Couldn't be as beautiful as love

A flower in springtime bloom
Couldn't be as joyful as love

A snowflake on a tree branch
Couldn't be as delicate as love

The fiery hot glare of the sun
Couldn't be as passionate as love

A star studded midnight
Couldn't be as magical as love

A footprint upon a golden coast
Couldn't be as ephemeral as love

The blood flowing through every vein
Couldn't be as life-giving as love

The forest sawed down that regenerates
Couldn't be as forgiving as love

A shower of rain in the desert
Couldn't be as soothing as love

A fantastic insect with glittering wings
Couldn't be as alluring as love

The wind that carries a kite
Couldn't be as uplifting as love

And yet, a plague across the nations
Couldn't be as devastating as love


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry