Saturday, June 23, 2007

La Langue De L'Amour

Dans la langue de l’amour
Je t’
écris une poème
Parceque je t’adore
Et tu m’aime le

Les chansons qui tu chante
Les mots qui tu parle, doux
Tu m’enchante
Chaque jour, plus en plus

Je ne suis pas une femme de lettres
Mais mon amour, ecoute-moi
La place je veux
Est seul avec toi


In the language of love
I write you a poem
Because i adore you
And you love me the same

The songs that you sing
The words that you speak, sweet
You enchant me
Every day, more and more

I am not a woman of letters
But my love, listen to me
The place i want to be
Is only with you


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice :) - anony-mouse, mickey mouses bro.

full tilt said...

c'est simple, j'aime beaucoup.

Imperfect said...

merci beacoup.. :)


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry