Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Rose

Sensual incantation of scent
Blood-red heavenly angel sent
Pricking the fox who dares
Approach thy thorny lair

Passionate tango of romance
Thy fragrance with senses dance
Inebriated as they float along
Sways each to thy crimson song

Petals of softness adorning thee
Robes of scarlet jealousy
Regally they shroud thy soul
Sweet perfume so gently unfolds

As thee, my life takes shape
These dusty words, my escape
Thorny eyes protect inside
Soft, red scent, in me I hide

As wild like scarlet fire
Thy radiance do I desire
Unbending under command
Of wind or rain or sun to stand

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Your eyes
Pools of hazel reflecting depths
Within my drowning secrets kept
Essence of truth beneath swims
Caressing my every whim

Your arms
Bearing the weight of my sorrow
Protecting love for tomorrow
Blanketing true comfort, warm
Holding out against the storm

Your lips
Trickling songs and kisses pure
Passionate, yet gently demure
Honey-sweet, they await me
Tender dreams frame reality

Your voice
Heady with music it fills
Moving my body but silently still
Erupting words from heaven alight
Weaving poetry into the night

Your smile
Melting fragile emotions
Veiling worldy commotion
Causing my heart to skip beats
Each magical time we meet

Your touch
Soft and gentle tease
Airy waves of autumn breeze
Skimming roses across my skin
Senses alive like never been

Reason enough to awake today
Through valleys dark, a golden ray
Answers to questions abound
In you, each one is found


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry