Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Let it Slide

When your world is a mess, insane
Don't scream out loud, refrain
Keep your chin high,
Wipe those red eyes dry
Away with these washable stains.

When hope crumbles in your hands
Weary and weak, you lose your stand
Another ditch in the road,
A minute of biting cold
But a thread in the intricate plan.

When its a blizzard of bad days
There's a light through the haze
It's a momentary gale
Soon, your ship will set sail
To the door at the end of the maze.

Just let things slide,
Take trouble in your stride
Why frown, why worry
You will get through the calamity
What counts is the ride

Just let things slide
Don't you feel deprived
These tremors are a phase
That time will soon erase
Just a shake to your pride
Let it slide.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bathroom Star

Towel cosy against my skin
Needing to unwind from within
To soak away all my woes
As rivulets over my body flows.

Cooling, calming, clarifying,
Falling, flowing, filling;
Healing with incessant slivers
My daily ritual in the shower:

A song sprouts from my lips
Feet moving to the rhythmic drips
The wet, white marble becomes
My audience as to my tune, I hum

The concert is on, I'm in the groove
People singing as I bust my moves
Without a care, I'm on a high
Shampoo suds like confetti fly
When my hips move in jiving motions
The fanatic crowd of my imagination
Cheers on as I lose my mind
Within the bathroom, behind closed blinds.
Jamming on a fake electric guitar
A pretentious girl for a rock star
Tonight there's no stopping this diva
As mercilessly, she sings in the shower!

Unknowing of my nakedness
Down the drain goes mounted stress
And just as my fans roar, "Encore!"
I slip on the soap, and fall to the floor!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Old Flame

Years ago, when our minds were young
A spark of "like" had begun
An ounce or two more than friends
But the feelings were quiet then.

Now, as we see, the tiny flame dying
And decide to stop trying
To keep the old secret in
We let it all out from within
But too late, alas!
Our chance, gone, our time has passed
And it seems like I'm still waiting
The truth of unchangeable past, I'm hating
That I could turn back time I wish
For my love ceases to diminish
Even though you don't feel the same
Even though you think I'm playing games;
Every day when my eyes meet yours
I see that red line I must never cross
But im straining to keep from you
This unsatisfied love, so true.
If only circumstances didnt hinder
Or embers of the fire didn't linger
Then we could move ahead, just fine
But is life ever that divine?
All these years I have longed
For you to right all my wrongs
Old freind, first love,
I still haven't got enough
Of wandering back to years ago
When we had a chance, but no
We tripped on our feet, look where we are
Worlds apart, our love so far.
And today, as I sit with you
Our differences become so few
Wishing you will sweep me away
And say the words I want you to say.

Though we may walk our separate ways
And end up in a separate place
Deep in my heart I'll always know
That this love, could only grow.

Just stop, and look at me
The way I do, set me free
Accept this love that my hearts sends
Take me now, old friend.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sweet Surrender

What's this thing I've never felt?
I find so hard to define
With these feelings I've never dealt
But you're near me and I'm fine.

You came along, to freeze me speechless
But amidst verses swims my mind:
Thank the stars above love has reached us
At last the missing pieces have aligned.

Like rain drenching a dusty day;
Like an oasis upon burning sands;
Like crystal ocean over dry rocks spray;
You washed over me, darling, unplanned.

Sing with smooth voice, blow me away
Flash a smile, I'm weak in my knees
Say u won't leave me astray
Stay for just a minute more, please.

From mystic magic, so astounding
Floats this melting symphony, unheard:
When you are the tune resounding
I blend as its heartfelt words.

Now, swept by this thing, never felt
With invisible wings we soar in wonder
Our every fear, like snowflakes, melt
For to you, I have surrendered.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Saddened, stripped, I suffocate
With the consequences of the past
But you call, your voice delicate
I knew that moment, your spell was cast.
'Tis fate.

The rain it pours, it frustrates
Unequipped, deserted by my friends
I curse the weather, it's got me late
Until you pulled up in your sliver Benz
'Tis fate.

A surprise on radio channel:8
As I dream us kissing under the stars:
The song we sang for our first duet
"So close, no matter how far"
'Tis fate

With every move, you fascinate
Your touch makes me levitate
Drenched with love, I dedicate
My life, our love, to Fate.


when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry