Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The moonlight's glitter on the ocean
Couldn't be as beautiful as love

A flower in springtime bloom
Couldn't be as joyful as love

A snowflake on a tree branch
Couldn't be as delicate as love

The fiery hot glare of the sun
Couldn't be as passionate as love

A star studded midnight
Couldn't be as magical as love

A footprint upon a golden coast
Couldn't be as ephemeral as love

The blood flowing through every vein
Couldn't be as life-giving as love

The forest sawed down that regenerates
Couldn't be as forgiving as love

A shower of rain in the desert
Couldn't be as soothing as love

A fantastic insect with glittering wings
Couldn't be as alluring as love

The wind that carries a kite
Couldn't be as uplifting as love

And yet, a plague across the nations
Couldn't be as devastating as love

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when language like bubbling streams flow

when words are laid down to fit like lovers' hands

when you feel the essence of the poet from within

when swirling thoughts are caught in the net of rhythm

when images reel as you read

when pen and paper create a symphony

then, it is poetry